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BND Commercial is dedicated to being the leader in the business brokerage industry by providing its team of professional brokers with tools and methodologies that help get businesses sold. In addition, BND Commercial utilizes the most advanced technology to identify qualified buyers, manage offerings and generate qualified buyers and sellers. As client advocates, the BND Commercial team is committed to achieving the most cost effective and strategically sound outcome for clients. BND Commercial is committed to a successful transition of ownership.


Buyers will benefit from consulting with BND Commercial, because we understand that buyers acquire “cash flow” and economic performance.

  • Confidentiality – Protect your identity as a buyer. No financial information is given to the business owner until an Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent is submitted.
  • Education – Educate each buyer about the complete process of acquiring an existing business.
  • Target Analysis – Analyze criteria to ensure that the appropriate business is found and presented to our buyers.
  • Negotiation – Experience and expertise to negotiate and structure each opportunity to ensure the smoothest and most efficient transition of theacquisition.
  • Due Diligence – Coordinate and workwith each buyer’s financial advisors to ensure that all relevant and necessary information is disclosed and addressed.
  • Closing – Work with highly qualified and experienced closing agents and attorneys to ensure a smooth and accurate closing.


Sellers can benefit from working with BND Commercial. BND has the training, tools and experience to deliver qualified buyers with a sincere interest in purchasing a business.

  • Confidentiality – We obtain a signed non-disclosure agreement to protect your confidentiality.
  • Consulting Services – We answer all the questions related to selling your business.
  • Valuation – We work with a nationally recognized valuation company that can provide an independent, accurate analysis.
  • Preparation – We provide a detailed plan to ensure that your business is best presented to maximize the benefit of the sale.
  • Advertising & Networking – We provide the exposure you can’t get on your own.
  • Buyer Screening – We screen all buyers so that only serious, willing and, more importantly, qualified buyers will be considered.
  • Structuring – We have the expertise to structure the sale of your business to maximize your return.
  • Management Through Closing – Our job is not done until your business is sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to sell my business?

Many factors help determine the appropriate time to sell, including company finances, time allowance, market trends and mental readiness.

Why is confidentiality important?

If it becomes known that your business is on the market, relationships with employees, creditors, competitors and customers can be affected.
Weakened relationships can deteriorate the company’s position and thus make it less valuable.

How much is my business worth?

A business’ value is often determined based on financial statements, company assets and customer lists, among other criteria. Valuing a business is one of the most difficult aspects of any transaction, and the method will vary depending on each situation.

What should the terms of the sale specify?

Flexibility and the willingness to negotiate are key. You should also specify price, financing or cash sale, timeframe and your level of involvement, if any, in the business after the sale is complete.

Will I have to finance the sale?

A willingness to help the buyer finance the sale shows confidence in the business and may help attain an overall higher price from the buyer. However, it is not always a necessary factor in completing the transaction.

Should I attempt to sell my business on my own?

The extent and type of advisors you will need depends on your own experience, your company’s size and the complexity of the transaction. Accountants and attorneys can offer financial and legal help. A business broker will provide consultation, valuation, and buyer screening and aid in the negotiation, deal structuring and supervision of the closing process.