Disposition Services

As client advocates, the BND Commercial team commits itself to achieving the most cost effective and strategically sound outcome.

When it comes to dispositions, BND Commercial’s success record lies in its ability to rise above the competition in each of these areas:

  • Property Information
  • Market Value
  • Target Market
  • Market Exposure

Maximum Return


The BND approach is to try to have virtually every question a given Buyer or Tenant has answered before it is asked.

Market Value

The ability to establish the right price requires access to comparables and extensive knowledge of the real estate market.

Target Market

Utilizing multiple resources and property databases allows BND to target the appropriate prospects and seek them out.

Maximum Exposure

Whether by internet contact, hard mailers, or direct contact, BND Commercial creates more opportunities for users to see properties than any other company.

Marketing Strategy

BND is a local firm with national relationships. BND has completed many assignments with national brokerage firms and are viewed as cooperative, efficient and effective.

Total Exposure

It is important to develop a strategy to display the property to a wide range of potential users. The goal is to generate total exposure on a local, regional and national level.

Full Color Brochures

A full color brochure will be produced for the property.

Targeted Prospects List

BND Commercial, LLC maintains a proprietary database of individual users, commercial real estate brokers, and economic development officials, accumulated over many years of research and relationship development.

Direct Canvassing Program

BND is one of the few companies that still makes personal contact, soliciting prospects directly.


On-site property signage will be installed to draw attention to the availability and to direct inquiries to BND Commercial.

Cooperation with Other Brokerage Firms

It is important to promote properties to
other brokers. The brokerage community, which includes state, regional, and national brokerage firms, will be advised of the availability of the property.


Internet Marketing

BND Commercial maintains a website at www.bndcommercial.com. This creates worldwide exposure with easy access for prospective users. All properties are listed on multiple real estate search engines.

Tours & Inspections

All prospects are accompanied by a
member of the BND Team in order to ensure positive selling of property features by a knowledgeable, accountable real estate professional.

Follow Up

BND prides itself on its aggressive follow up and ability to push forward where other companies give up.


Owner conferences will be arranged any time they are deemed necessary, appropriate, and/or beneficial. Written status reports will be submitted upon request covering all activity on the property.

Special Effort

The marketing team is often called upon to provide that extra ingredient to produce a transaction (i.e.: space planning, parking, zoning, construction costs, financing, local attitudes, labor markets, etc.) Whatever that ingredient may be, the marketing team will make every effort to successfully complete a transaction.