Residential Property Management

BND Commercial is a full service Commercial Real Estate company offering residential property management services.


  • Financial Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Leasing
  • Construction Management
  • Residential Associations
  • Residential Development


As client advocates, the BND Commercial team is committed to achieving the most cost effective and strategically sound outcome for our clients.




  • Preparation of a fiscal year operating budget
  • Collection of association dues 
  • Provide follow-up contact to delinquent residents
  • Pay all authorized vendor invoices
  • Prepare current balance sheet monthly
  • Prepare income and expense statement monthly
  • Prepare comparative actual to budge report monthly\
  • Provide disbursement journal monthly
  • Make all bank deposits of collected dues




  • Prepare written management report
  • Handle resident correspondence 
  • Prepare and mail resident notices
  • Maintain resident roster
  • Attend board meetings
  • Liaison to governmental units


  • Obtain bids and execute all required maintenance contracts
  • Monitor performance of maintenance contracts 
  • Administer capital replacement contracts
  • Monthly audit and inspection of all property 
  • Coordinate routine and emergency work orders
  • Maintain 24-hour service for emergencies
  • Review and update property capital improvements